What's Holi without the colour?

Swipe right and find out.


Balloons filled with gutter water bounce off her head.
The yell from the balcony is, "Bura na maano, holi hai. (Don’t feel bad, it’s Holi after all!)"

Disguised by a burst of flaming red, purple fingers wrap around her breast.
The drunken voice amidst the crowd says,"Bura na maano, holi hai."

Mucky green water sprays onto the insides of her soaked thighs.
The whisper behind the grin exclaims, "Bura na maano, holi hai."

As we celebrate the victory of good over evil, let's put an end to a license millions
of men give themselves every Holi. The license to touch, grope and molest
women, under the guise of celebrating the festival of colour. Show your support
by joining the conversation using #HoliNotHooliganism.

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